A La Carte Menu

Wild Leafy Salad £4.50
Wild rocket leaves with fresh orange dressing.


Chicken And Cucumber Salad £4.95
Cold minced chicken and coleslaw wrapped in cucumber.

Vegetable Pakora £4.50
Mixed vegetable with gram flour, herbs and spices.


Corn And Pea Kebab £5.50
Sweet corn and peas infused with ground spices then cooked on tawa.

Paneer Tikka £5.50
Home-made cottage cheese marinated with english mustard and fragrant fenugreek.


Tandoori Mushrooms £4.95
Marinated with ginger, medium hot spices, hint of honey, stuffed with paneer.

Mangalore Crispy Potato £4.50
Potatoes tossed with fresh curry leaves & bell peppers


Scallops And Mussels £7.95
Shetland scallops & mussels tossed and served with aromatic fresh coconut and curry leaf sauce

Sea Bass £7.95
Fillet of sea bass with coconut crust grilled on tawa


Monkfish Tikka £8.95
North Sea monkfish marinated in yogurt and fresh green herbs, grilled in tandoor

Char-grilled Prawns £7.95
Marinated in mix of dry spices and fresh mint and served on skewers


Crispy Calamari £6.50
Crispy deep-fried squid seasoned with sweet chilli

Chicken Tikka £5.95
Marinated in English mustard and yogurt


Tandoori Chicken £6.95
Leg of chicken marinated in lemon juice, fresh chilli, ginger and garlic

Chicken Pakora £5.25
Succulent strips of chicken fillet marinated, battered and deep fried


Lamb Seekh Kebab £6.50
Minced lamb with ginger, cheddar and freshly ground spices cooked on a skewer

Lamb Chops £7.95
Scottish lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic and honey


Venison Boti £6.95
Fresh chunks of venison marinated in honey and a hint of pineapple


A selection of three of our favourite vegetarian starters (Ideal for sharing for 2)


A selection of four of Four favourite kebabs (Ideal for sharing for 2)